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PGE in Road Dust/Top Soil from Major Indian Cities:

(163 ng/m3) Pd (41.8 ng/m3) Rh (9platinum group metals in Thohyoyandou, South Cu and Zn exposures of 6 to 10 year old

Influence of Stellar Evolution on the Evolution of Planetary

were calculated by Schmidt-Voigt and Koppen (1986The observations are best reproduced by the rate of some 10to 10solar masses per year

Physical Properties and Associated Applications of Conducting

A great number of articles, reviews, and booksE. T. Thostenson, Z. Ren, T.-W. Chou. A. Voigt, D. L. Huber, Z. R. Tian, E

Comparison of prognostic usefulness (three years) of computed

201072-Comparison of prognostic usefulness (three years) of computed tomographic Voigtländer T《American Journal of Cardiology》Schmermund A,


6 Issues per year IMPACT FACTOR increased in Mona Abd / Schallausky, Falko / Voigt, (II) / Ce(III) / Ce(IV) complexes in solid

The optimal management of anti-thrombotic therapy after valve

year.31 Management of anticoagulation for non-3 months for mitral bioprostheses, in particular Maas H, Voigt JU, Simoons ML, Van de Werf

Older donor livers show early severe histological activity,

year period was used to identify 111 patients who received 124 liver 2007;84(3):331-339.Rayhill SC, Wu YM, Katz DA, Voigt MD, LaBrec

The concept of stability fields and hot spots in ranking of

WHASSE (Bru¨ggemann et al., 1999) two objects x, y characterized 316 260 2.3.1(2005) and 324 268 Voigt and Bru¨ggemann (

Are cancer-related decision aids effective? A systematic

0.50 0.50 DA v Control Pooled Estimate: FixedFavors Decision Aid 0 1 Favors Control Fig 3. Street RL Jr, Voigt B, Geyer C Jr, et al:

Nutlin-3 sensitizes nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells to

19.95±8.93 Representative IC50 ± SD values are the mean of three 22. Sonnemann J, Palani CD, Wittig S, Becker S, Eichhorn F, Voigt 

Compositional patterns in Holarctic peat bog inhabiting

voigtsi Globozetes microtus Euzetes globulus E. notatus Minunthozetes pseudofusiger M. semirufusPfin3 Pgeo1 Pger7 Pger8 Pger9 Pger1 Pgerus

Current Therapeutic Strategies to Mitigate the eNOS

201241- Higaki Y, Hirshman MF, Fujii N, Goodyear LJ Zhang W, Ding M, Gao X, Fan D, Zeng J, Voigt T, Weber M, Yoon BW, for the PRoFESS

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(60 Hz, 70 Hz and 80 Hz) and also numerically using Voigt (η = 2.84 Pa.s), Maxwell (η = 17.79 Pa.s) and Zener (η = 1.97 Pa.s)

Asexual Embryogenesis in Vascular Plants in Nature

Burson, BL, Voigt, PW, Sherman, RA, Dewaldembryony and suspensor characteristics in Spatho Sorbus eximia: Embryological studies in Sorbus3

among chefs and the general public in the UK: a 10-year

(years) ≤20 21–30 31–45 45–60 P-value 78 0.03* Recognize GFD symbol 50 : 34 0.01 Pereira B, Bernie Clayton C, Voigt K, et al

The circumstellar environment of UX ORI

year, with a duration of a few days (Bibo 14.3 19.8±2.0 2.6 mm 05:04:30.00 −Th., 1982, In: Schaifers K., Voigt H.H

Fourteen Pedagogical Patterns

Student projects from prior years are a good See also Kerstin Voigts Big Picture on a three or four cycles in which the requirements

The in-gas-jet laser ion source: Resonance ionization

cm−3, which approximately amounts to 8 MHz/Voigt profile, which is the convolution of pumping speed W as a function of the Mach

Year in review 2011: Critical Care - cardiology

8. Gevaert S, Van Belleghem Y, Bouchez S, Koch A, Voigt S, Sanson E, Dückers H, Tho S, Martin C, Leone M: High central

Electric quadrupole strength in nuclei

1.369 MtV (B(E2+) 86.09tl.74 t2tu*,strength is dotoctod ia tho region of 22-42 de Voigt, A.J. Drentje, S.Y. van der Werf

Ocular androgen therapy in sjogrens syndrome

Practice (G. Smolin, and R.A. Thoft, Eds), which afflicts about 50% of the patient C., and Voigt, W., Mononuclear cell phenotypes

Wirkstoffkombinationen aus alpha-Liponsure und Biochinonen

20091220- ROCK UWE (DE) VOIGT NADINE (DE) Bestimmun­gen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ver3.÷Sarcosinate, beispielsweise Myristoyl Sar

Vital Signs: National and State-Specific Patterns of

and 55% lower for weight (-1.3 kg/year) 401 1.41 1.37 77.8 76.8 50.8§ 54.7§ Barbaresi WJ, Colligan RC, Weaver AL, Voigt

Biochemical markers for myocardial injury. Is MB kinase the

the best criteria Downloaded from em>tho- racic surgery, no elevations were detected 102. Schofer J, Ress-Grigolo G, Voigt KD,


yandou, and fermented okara among others (Fan 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1 1, 12C to about 45 °C for up to about one year

Experimental characterization of the COndensation PArticle

2009616- denoted as dp50, can be determined in (Voigt et 344 AMTD 1, 321–374, 2008 yacforenetofluorwplvoetlofocritythoef COPAS-inlet

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